The hospitality industry needs a new approach

Efficient operations are critical to the sustained growth of your property. Our goal is to ensure you meet this challenge head on, while guaranteeing sustained growth for your business.

All your needs covered by experts

Property & Asset Management

Tailor Made Hospitality, offers hotels, restaurants and any hospitality related business, different services to increase asset value and improve productivity.

Sales & Marketing

The Sales & Marketing department has an essential role in the success of any business. That’s why in Tailor Made Hospitality we believe in designing unique strategies that fit our clients goals, making opportunities happen.

Operational Management

The lifeblood of a successful hotel business, providing key support and direction for every department within the property is necessary for successful management.

Revenue Management

It’s essential for any hotel to maximize the bottom line in order to thrive. We focus on increasing revenue year over year by aligning our efforts to sell the right products at the right price and time.

Accounting & Financial Reporting

Reports are critical for properties to comply either with franchise, federal and local regulations. Tailor Made Hospitality helps hotels manage this very important aspect of their business.

Human Resources

The quality of a property’s staff can make or break any business reputation in a matter of seconds. Knowing how to manage and direct your Human Resources is key to any hotel.

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What People Say

“TM Hospitality has managed all the aspects of our property for years, from Marketing to HR and Revenue Management. They are our most trusted partners.”
Aloft Miami Doral
Client of Company
“Throughout 2019 and 2020, TM Hospitality was critical to our business success during these trying times. They took all the necessary steps to keep our restaurant in tip top shape!”
107 Steak & Bar
Client of Company
“Our hotel’s rebranding and remodelling have been quite the challenge. Our website, operations, marketing assets and the very rooms and halls of our hotel have been designed and implemented by TM Hospitality. We couldn’t be happier with the results!”
Regency Miami Airport
Client of Company