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Revenue Management

For the purpose of making the most out of every hotel room available it’s fundamental to maximize the bottom line, that is why at TMH we focus on increasing revenue year over year by aligning our efforts to sell the right products at the right price and time, basing our decisions on facts, future projections and experience

Our services include:

  • Pricing strategy 
  • Rate plans / pricing Strategy setup.
  • Compset daily pricing monitoring.
  • Daily rates adjustments. 
  • Weekly meetings and checkup. 
  • Generation of standard weekly performance reporting.
  • Dashboard creation 
  • Monitoring of hotel booking demand in any geographical market.
  • Market trends analysis and actionable recommendations/activations.
  • Forecasting (Annual, Monthly, bi-Weekly depending on Tier). 
  • Compset setup.
Revenue Management

We’ll be there for you, every step of the way.

At every stage of your project, our team of experts will help you succeed, from the overall operational perspective to specific areas of interest, optimizing performance and focusing on maximizing results.